Photo Credit: Prudence Cuming Associates. © John Squire

John Squire spreads ‘Disinformation’

The Stone Roses guitarist returns to painting with new show hosted by Damien Hirst

When seminal UK band The Stone Roses ambiguously concluded their reunion tour in June 2017, devoted fans were left asking what next?

Since then, frontman Ian Brown has released seventh solo album ‘Ripples’ and now, guitarist John Squire has unveiled his next project.

Already established as a visual artist, Squire has returned with an ambitious collection of new works. Exhibiting at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery London, John Squire: Disinformation takes direct inspiration from the manipulation of digital photographs.

Using image-editing software to jumble faces and figures, Squire skillfully enlarges the disoriented, fragmented and often ghostly poses to dramatic effect. The large-scale oil paintings offer an unsettling reflection on “selfie” culture, while offering a subversive commentary on how meaning can be twisted.

Photo Credit: Prudence Cuming Associates. © John Squire
Photo Credit: Prudence Cuming Associates. © John Squire

It struck me while I was doing the show and watching the news, I saw there was a parallel between confusing the message figuratively and with regards to information,” Squire explained to The Guardian.

Perhaps providing the best example of the artist’s technical prowess to date, John Squire: ‘Disinformation’ runs until November 10th with full details available at

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