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  • CAPO Touch, iOS

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Saturday, July 12 th, 2014

    Import your favourite tracks and follow those chords with CAPO Touch CAPO Touch, the iOS version of popular Mac App CAPO, arrived this week and the good news is – it rocks. For budding guitarists, the road to mastering this iconic instrument is long and arduous. Whether we take formal lessons or not, we all ...

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  • CuteDJ V4.2.8 – A Review

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Thursday, March 06 th, 2014

    CuteDJ joins the lexicon of available DJ mixing software, promising industry-standard power for all with impressive support for your music, video and equipment. CuteDJ is an impressive DJ mixing software suite available for Windows and Mac £77.55 / $129.95 | Mac OS X 10.6+ & Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP / Demo...

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  • Should we worry about Tablet overdose?

    one Comment in Technology by Mark Billen on Friday, February 28 th, 2014

    Mark Billen asks whether a consumer switch to more passive, touchscreen-based devices could endanger the development of future developers. Are devices like iPad too passive for encouraging hobbyist developers? Perhaps I’m already reaching the age where my outlook is hampered by dewy-eyed nostalgia. A hankeri...

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  • djay 2 – App Review

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Sunday, October 13 th, 2013

    The djay 2 interface is a joy to behold on retina displays Algoriddim’s award-winning djay upgrade offers professional-grade mixing tools and enviable support features all wrapped up in a rich, HD interface. £6.99 / $9.99 | Compatible with iPad 2, Retina & Mini | Requires iOS 6+ | iPhone version availab...

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  • Commercialisation of social media sucks man!

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Thursday, January 03 rd, 2013

    What Google Maps’ satellite view would look like if they replaced land with meat The brand of spam we have to endure across Twitter and Facebook etc demands reclassification. Surely it’s high time for us to re-can that hamm? Wherever there’s an opportunity for adverts, marketeers will exploit...

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  • A scratch manifesto for banning noisy websites

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Wednesday, January 02 nd, 2013

    I don’t want to get drunk on power, I just want the authority ban web stuff I don’t like. Such as noisy websites… ok, peasants? I was thinking about something the other day. Nothing too remarkable to blog in itself, I tend to do it most days – whether I want to or not. However this was specific...

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  • It’s finally official, Adobe Flash really is dead

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Tuesday, December 18 th, 2012

    Condemned to floating lonely within my Trash can – poetic isn’t it? This might actually be a bit overdue but something quite symbolic happened the other day. I consciously removed Adobe Flash from my Mac dock. There was a time during my stint as editor of Web Designer magazine that I promised myself I&...

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  • WordPress 3.5 update available to install now

    no Comments in Technology by Mark Billen on Wednesday, December 12 th, 2012

    WordPress 3.5 or “Elvin” has now launched with a new media upload client, retina display support, a new theme and some nifty developer tools The new WordPress 3.5 update, named by the developers as “Elvin” (in honour of jazz drummer Elvin Jones) is now available to bloggers. Key enhance...

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