Studio Arcade showreel 2013

AR evangelist James Alliban launches Arcade

Arcade is a new interdisciplinary design studio based in Shoreditch formed by James Alliban, Keiichi Matsuda and William Coleman.

For anyone like me, you’ll probably know James Alliban from his pioneering Augmented Reality projects. A stellar presence on the conference circuit, I first had the pleasure of discovering his work during a superb keynote at 2009’s Adobe MAX.

So I can testify he’s flippin’ brilliant and has been at the cutting-edge of progressive, interactive digital projects for quite some time.

Team him up with fellow AR guru Keiichi Matsuda and Microsoft’s former OS & Mobile Product Manager Lead William Coleman – you’ve got Shoreditch’s newest and most exciting design studio, Arcade.

Having just finished it’s first project for Nokia’s AlphaLabs initiative, Arcade is currently pitching for new work along with collaborators, freelancers and talented interns.

You can follow and Tweet Arcade via @Studio_Arcade now!

Studio Arcade showreel 2013
Be generally blown away by Studio Arcade’s 2013 video showreel

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