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  • Indy: A Golden Bullet for Gaming

    no Comments in Gaming by Mark Billen on Thursday, June 12 th, 2014

    No Man’s Sky by Hello Games has reveled in it’s Indy spirit at E3 Indy gaming is the toast of E3 2014, but why? Given the amount of commercial risk at stake for developers and publishers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise… Independent or ‘Indy’ videogame development is the toast of th...

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  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (Mac)

    no Comments in Gaming by Mark Billen on Wednesday, June 11 th, 2014

    Tex Murphy returns in this 2014 outing, Tesla Effect There’s a new old dude back in town to deliver a new kind of time machine to OS X screens. Does Tex wear a Mac with pride? Nostalgia – for some the enemy of progress, others a warm fuzzy comfort blanket of yesteryear memories. Regardless of your personal...

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